Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Happy Wreck Day

I recently was in a slight car accident. Nobody was hurt and not a whole lot of visible damage was done on the car. I was turn right onto State Sreet from 5900 S. (a popular intersection for accidents) and I stopped to let another motorist make a U turn. Next thing I know, I get rammed from behind by a Applebee's employee. I felt bad for her because it was her birthday. At least now she has a "Bad Day" story that's hard to top. Here are some pictures of the car.

Photography Assignments

This was a photo I took for my lighting assingment in my photography class. It Vulcan Raven from one of my favorite video games, Metal Gear Solid. Kinda lame I know but at least I'm learning right. The other one is of the bench in my backyard. There's an interestin story behind this bench. During the prohibition era, my great-grandfather Stamos used to have a series of tunnels under his home. This bench was part of the loot that was left there. Now my family has it.